Diesel particulate filter application

Not only filtered but clean.

We are committed to shortening the time-consuming process of coordinating the DPF’s regeneration phases. As well as the issue of convenience, our development engineers focus on achieving a smooth and clean burning process inside the filter without local overheating. We apply dedicated control algorithms to manage the post-injection process. These are perfectly adapted to the specific engine/DPF combination. In order to measure soot and particulate emissions, we use 415S smoke meters, opacimeters, dilution tunnels and particulate counters. In fact, our state-of-the-art particulate measuring equipment is the best currently available.

When Euro 6 is introduced, SI engines will also be subject to a limit on particulates. For certain applications, SI engines of the future will therefore also need a particulate filter. Drawing on our tremendous experience in this field, we will identify a best-in-class solution to meet your requirements.