Catalyst testing

For safe and efficient exhaust aftertreatment.

Our test rigs are equipped to perform up to five simultaneous catalyst aging procedures using an engine with a large displacement. Our customers can select either high-load aging programs with a sequence of steady-state speed/load points or dynamic cycles. An open ECU allows the engineers to access and calibrate the engines being aged. We can provide accurate measurements of the catalyst’s light-off behavior. We also perform misfire trials (using a random generator to create an engine misfire) in order to generate a pre-defined stress on the catalyst.

We can also equip engines with a DeNOx urea injection system that works independently of the engine. We operate a wide range of test bench systems to analyze the conversion and reaction behavior of SCR catalysts:

  • Urea consumption meters
  • Systems for inducting gaseous ammonia in order to simulate the best possible vaporization of the urea droplets
  • FTIRs and mass spectrometers to provide detailed information on the compounds formed from the intermediate products of SCR catalysis

For modern diesel engines, the key to meeting Euro 7 emissions legislation lies in developing SCR technology.