Engine management application

Intelligence for high-performance engines.

In order to minimize engine emissions while optimizing fuel consumption and ensuring the vehicle runs smoothly and quietly, the electronic systems have to control a whole range of process parameters during operation. The task of controlling and monitoring complex new engine functions involves developing and testing powerful software. With our comprehensive range of equipment and years of experience, we are well place to help you develop efficient ECUs – for model-based controllers and a host of other functions. We can optimize your systems for various speed/load points and special transient sequences.

Our test bench equipment includes:

  • Inca application computer for engine management calibration
  • Ascet SD1000 development systems for source code programming
  • Map optimization computer with DOE functionality; this makes it possible to conduct fully automated optimization runs and thus achieve maximum fuel efficiency with minimum emissions

This combination of tools is particularly useful when developing new exhaust aftertreatment systems.