Even better CO2 Emission Values? We Perform Hybrid Drive Testing Programs much quicker.

Relaxed Future Development – with ElringKlinger Motortechnik.

For you we are optimizing the complete drive system on our dynamic testbenches including a high sophisticated battery simulation device. In various RDE-tests too. Respecting different switch on/off-strategies of the engaged drive modules, start/stop functionality, battery and generator management.

Longitudinal dynamic vehicle simulation programs are calculating the operation behavior of the drive train configuration in advance. The vehicle model supports the dynamic testbench when controlling the transient operation mode. Transient emissions are measured by exhaust measurement technique state of the art.

Also hybrid combinations with axle or hub integrated electric motors can be perfectly tested. For such kind of investigations currently a 500 KW 4WD drivetrain testbench is under construction.

We carry out for you:

  • Emission validation on parallel hybrid drives:

with an optimum switch on/off strategy 40% consumption benefits are available. This statement is valid for a pure parallel hybrid vehicle without plug in functionality. Including “plug in” even better fuel consumption savings are possible.

A special application is necessary to optimize the on/off switching events of the combustion engine in the hybrid drivetrain. In order to achieve the best possible cold start emissions special preheating measures are inevitable for avoiding the losses of the body heat of the exhaust system.

  • Emission validation on serial hybrid drives:

the lowest CO2 emission level can be realized with a serial hybrid concept (= electric vehicle with range extender). We undershoot the 2020 CO2 emission level by maximum 80% using this concept. The range extender combustion engine is only operating in 1 or 2 optimized speed/load points. Optimizing the combustion process in these points is much easier in comparison to a complex map optimization.

For this reason range-extender-engines of the future will have a very good raw emission level. The stress to the exhaust aftertreatment system will be much lower. If the battery is well dimensioned the range extender engine can operate in longer time sequences. A quick following of several on/off-events is not necessary. Because of this the cold start task is easier to handle with this concept.

Hybrid Power for the Future

The hybrid drive is the optimum drive for future demands. It has significant advantages in comparison to the pure electric drive, such as: enormous driving distance, independency of the overland charging stations infrastructure, option to pass inner city areas in the pure electric driving mode. Currently this is the best combination of all advantages of the combustion engine and the electric motor. Furthermore the battery pack of a hybrid drive is smaller, cheaper and less heavy and it is operating CO2-friendly under all real driving conditions. 

Efficiently applicated hybrid drives are reducing

  • CO2 emissions
  • CO emissions
  • NOx emissions
  • Soot emissions

The switching strategies between the engine- and the E-motor-operating-mode are defining the efficiency of the concept. They determine how the hybridization of the vehicles of the future can penetrate the market and how fast these vehicles will become economical while conservating a sufficient level of driving sportability. On the ElringKlinger Motortechnik testbenches these calibrations will be carried out in a high efficient manner with a big advantage in project time for the client. You proceed faster with our competence.

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