Lowering NOx and Particulate Emissions? o.k. It's our Job.

Lowering NOx- and Particulate Emissions: For Gasoline, Diesel and Hybrid Drives.

We are carrying out our testing work under real driving conditions on the road as well as on our modern dynamic testbenches. By this we can perfectly optimize particulate filter and SCR-systems for gasoline and diesel vehicles. We design ECU-functions for filter regeneration and we ensure the durability of the whole exhaust aftertreatment system even under extremely bad burning off conditions after having them evaluated by so called "Drop to Idle"-tests.

We focus on the:

  • design of SCR systems for NOx-aftertreatment
  • measurement of conversions rates
  • optimization of the Urea spray preparation
  • improvement of the light off of the whole exhaust aftertreatment system

On your special demand we can manufacture the complete exhaust aftertreatment prototyping system including catalysts, filters, actuators, sensors and canning – for on road tests in the vehicle and for testbench investigations.


On dynamic testbenches we are developing spar ignited engines as well as diesel engines together with their exhaust aftertreatment systems.

On hybrid testbenches we can run the engines in combination with an E-motor. Especially this combinated operation mode offers significant optimizing potenzials if combustion engine and aftertreatment system are protected from cooling down. And of course we can transfer RDE-cycles from the road to our testbenches in order to test such items under transient conditions. So, with us you can introduce your product quicker to series production with significant shorter development time.

> Development of Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems

> Our Engine Testbenches

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