RDE and Euro 7? We are Testing these Items.

Emission Tests on the Road. No Problem. We'll make it.

The demand for a clean and environment friendly adjustment of vehicles are becoming more and more stringent. We would like to ease your task. We can measure your emissions by using portable emission analysis systems and we can calibrate all mobile measurement devices in your vehicle according to ISO/EN/DIN 17025 – including the 17015-conform documentation. For carrying out this kind of measurement projects we have an excellent know how.

We are certified to be a homologation laboratory. Our RDE-programs are accepted by the TÜV and the German administration for vehicle approval KBA. We are preparing your vehicles in our vehicle-lab with high level measurement technique and electronics as you request.

We are going to make you fit for the new challenges of Euro 6d-temp and beyond. The new legislation forces the car manufacturer to measure the emissions of their homologation vehicles not only on the test bench but also on the road under RDE-(Real Driving Emission)- restrictions.

The best: Even our testbenches are able to run „RDE“.

Aging test runs for components of your exhaust aftertreatment system can be carried out on our dynamic engine and hybrid testbenches. These aging runs can be perfectly done on the testbench – the legislation permits us to do these aging procedures on a fully automated testbench.

So, we ensure to get solid an real clean emission results at the end.

> Our Engine Testbenches

The restrictions for a clean and environment-friendly calibration of the vehicles are getting more and more stringent. We want to ease your job by overtaking the measurement of the exhaust emissions with portable analysis systems. Furthermore we are calibrating all measurement devices and sensors according ISO17025. For performing such kind of programs we have the perfect know how.

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